We are four independent & seasoned Art Therapists sharing space in Owings Mills, Maryland since 1993. We provide primary & adjunct art therapy services to diverse populations through the lifespan:

preschoolers,adolescents,adults, geriatrics.Our approach is client-centered, mindful and strength-based within a framework of best practice guidelines.We keep current of art therapy research, especially neuro-developmental theory to integrate evidence based approaches into our work. We're sensitive and experienced with multi-cultural populations.

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We see clients as primary art therapists in our practice and can also see them as adjunct to other professionals' primary work. For example, a client will see a social worker for her substance abuse work and see one of us for art therapy to process her trauma history. In turn, insights gained and themes revealed from artwork is brought to the primary therapist for further verbal processing. Communication between the two therapists offers an effective holistic team approach in individual private practice work.

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What is Art Therapy ? Here's a brief overview!

Art Therapy is a psychotherapy modality recognized for over 70 years. It is based on Freudian/Jungian Psychoanalytic theory resulting in an art psychodynamic approach. Currently, art therapy is incorporated into most psychotherapy theoretical frameworks. It is used as a primary form of treatment as well as adjunctive to traditional "talk therapy." 

For many, it is challenging to talk about complex issues. Art making can be a less threatening manner of accessing and processing difficult thoughts and feelings. For this reason,it is especially appropriate and effective with traumatized populations, children, teens and for diverse learning challenges.

Art therapy is an effective assessment tool for cognitive, neurological and emotional conditions and disorders as well as a treatment modality. It is also a valuable tool in building developmental skills as well as a psychotherapy modality.

Art Therapy And the Brain

Recent neuroscience research recognizes that the creative process involves both sides of the brain bridging cognitive and emotional functions leading to enhanced insight and behavioral changes. Advances in neuroscience research technology are also furthering our understanding of mental imagery formation! The repetitive and soothing creative process can contribute to new neural pathways. Neuro-developmental approaches address impact of traumatic events, attachment and stress on brain development

Art-making creates a feeling of well being, offers healthier coping skills and builds resiliency. It can elicit the beginnings of HOPE.

Art Therapy can bring "mindfulness" into treatment as the creative process promotes an attentive meditative state.

Art therapy is used in community,educational,forensic, medical,geriatric,and mental health settings for individual,couples family and group treatment. It is not just for children but is equally effective for the entire lifespan.

Art Therapy utilizes all art media in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, photography & even computer graphics and can be combined with other expressive arts such as creative writing, drama, movement and music therapies. Art skill is not needed!

Multi-sensory modalities that are core to the expressive arts therapies have also been validated for their effectiveness with Trauma, ADHD, learning differences and other neurologically based issues. dana.org


Art therapists have a Master's degree in Art Therapy or related field with a focus on art therapy from an accredited Graduate program followed by 1000 supervised patient contact hours to become registered (ATR). We then take our boards for certification (BC) through ATCB. Our national organization is AATA.

 Art therapists in Maryland are required to have licensure as LCPAT-Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapists. We are all LCPATs in our practice.